Tea Infuser w/Charm


  • Basket tea infusers are effective because they allow loose leaf tea to breathe and expand. The micro-fine mesh traps tiny tea particles allowing for the absolute best aromatic and flavorful cup of Apothe specialty tea. Our infuser comes with a beautiful "tea" spoon and it's own little drip tray to keep your tea protected until you are ready for that second/third steep!

    Choose from a variety of beautiful charms to add that personal touch to your healing and relaxing experience.

    Please check out our Apothe Artisan Tea Collection ethically sourced throughout the world! Stay tuned for more artisan collection tea merchandise like handmade charms and tea cups! So exciting!

    • Use recommended amount of tea in your infuser.
    • Do not overfill- your loose leaf tea needs to be able to move around to release the goodness it has to offer!
    • Cover with locking lid- turning gently clockwise. Make sure all three hooks are engaged.
    • Place in cup/pitcher and run hot water over the top of the strainer.
    • Allow to steep for recommended time for your tea. If you like a stronger tea allow to steep longer.
    • Lift and allow liquid to drain from infuser. Rest on provided tray until your ready for your next cup. Most teas will allow for a second or third steep- just add a few more minutes each time.
    • Each charm is weighted perfectly to sit over the side of your favorite cup and will not tarnish- Just rinse/wash/dry your tea strainer after you're finished using it.
    • Enjoy!