A Trio


This is what started it all! Experience our original core "3" best sellers and kickstart your body regimen the Apothe Way.

Apothe Skin Oil is our very first body product formula and best seller! Start with your oil in the shower or bath, use it for shaving (even in sensitive areas), or as an all over body moisturizer every day.

Apothe Skin Polish has very quickly become one of our most popular products. This luxurious fine sugar scrub is unlike any other you have experienced! It is silky soft and rinses clean leaving your skin rejuvenated and smooth, not to mention smelling great!

Apothe Whipped Body Butter. This body butter takes luxury to the next level. The smell is intoxicating and the feel you get on your skin is indulgent. Packed with antioxidants and healing ingredients, you will love to begin and end your day with the intoxicating scent and feel of this product on your skin.

Order all three of our signature core products to truly experience what Apothe is all about.

Available in Scented and Unscented/Refer to individual products for usage and ingredient information.