What Is Luxury?

What Is Luxury?


By definition, luxury is considered “the state of great comfort and extravagant living,” but what is true luxury to YOU?

For me, luxury, these days, is many things:

  • Happiness when all things are going well.
  • That luxurious feeling I get when I can take the time to soak in a hot bath.
  • The luxury of knowing that my family is safe and their needs are met.
  • Experiencing the luxury of walking out my back door and having the physical ability to breathe in the air with nature all around me.
  • The luxury of doing what I love to help support my family.

Another form of luxury for me and our “Apothe” family is the comfort we feel when we use a product that we know is made with natural and/or safe ingredients. The unknowns of the quality of ingredients and preservatives that are used in the everyday products we consume is overwhelming.

There is a large demographic of people that are comforted by the fact that a product is sitting on a store shelf and feel that because of that, the product is safe. How do we know that a product is truly “organic” or that the preservatives used in them are “natural” and/or “safe?” Truth is, we don’t. What does it take to make a product shelf-safe for 2-3 years or more? The thought is frightening.

The Apothe “handmade luxury” expression stands for something. It stands for not only the fact that you are receiving a great product, but also that you are afforded the “luxury” of knowing that what you are putting on/in your beautiful body was created with ethically-sourced, top quality ingredients. Apothe products are ever-changing and formulated/tested continuously both in the lab and through a control group of dedicated, loving, supportive individuals- three years in the making!

Apothe products are truly handmade in small batches and with as few select components as possible to afford you the luxury of experiencing freshness and the ability to indulge in the feel, smell and efficacy of each and every well-thought-out ingredient. Our oils are not your everyday oils; our body butter is so luxurious, yet healing to your body… and the smell of our signature Apothe scented products is truly intoxicating. If our product contains a fragrance, then that fragrance is a premium quality cosmetic-grade fragrance used at the proper dermal limits for safety and effectiveness.

Trust that each and every product is made through dedication and a passion for the future of better well-being. We have so many more ideas and look forward to growing with you!

Thank you for your support.


                           Step forward into handmade luxury.